Potential Traffic

to & from

the Apartments


  • No zoning request has been filed yet.  The developer is revising proposals to present to neighborhood leaders and City officials.

  • The conceptual sketches for the apartment building are attractive, not just a box.

  • The developer likes this site because the property comes with 480 underground parking spaces in place, which could be used for parking for the apartments.  Additional parking would be added to bring the total to over 600 spaces.

  • The developer is working with City staff and traffic experts to try to determine how much apartment traffic might use which streets each day.

  • Across Hughes Lane from the site are the Tuesday Morning offices.  That company has filed Chapter 11 and the property could be on the market in the next year or two.  Whatever is done at the Concourse site would set a precedent, allowing a similar apartment development across the street with more potential traffic through the Citadel neighborhood.

This page will be updated as more information is available.

Last update 9/10/2020