Proposed Apartments - Hughes Lane at LBJ

Driving Routes.jpg

Potential Traffic to & from the Apartments


The Developer has dropped out of the contract due to neighborhood opposition

  • The 2-story Concourse Offices were under contract to Goldenrod, a national developer of offices, apartments, and commercial properties.

  • They proposed 430 apartments, 7 stories tall.

  • The developer liked this site because the property comes with 480 existing underground parking spaces which could be used for parking for the apartments.  

  • Across Hughes Lane are the Tuesday Morning offices.  Tuesday Morning filed Chapter 11 recently and the property could be on the market in the next year or two.  Whatever is done at the Concourse site would set a precedent, possibly allowing a similar apartment development across the street with more potential traffic through the Citadel neighborhood.  Also, the many vacant lots on Happy Lane at Crim Drive are under a single owner, awaiting re-development, and are about 200 feet from this site.

Last update:  10/14/2020