Apartment Zoning Request:
LBJ service road, west of Hillcrest Road

  • A developer is proposing apartments next to the former Brinker headquarters (now a Dallas County building).  A rezoning application has been filed with the city.

  • The existing 2-story offices are 40 years old and functionally obsolete.  They have been vacant for over 2 years.  There is little demand for office space on the LBJ corridor, but high demand for apartments.

  • A previous developer proposed 600 units.  That was not well received.  The current proposal is 390 units.

  • The property has no adjacency to the Hillcrest Forest neighborhood.

  • Average size will be 1,066 square feet compared to 800+ square feet in the new apartments near the Galleria.  The target clientele is somewhat more affluent.  Rents would be $2.25 a foot, so the average-sized apartment would rent for $2,250 a month – but there would be a wide range due to the mix of apartment sizes.

  • One acre of open space is planned - on the south side, and the creek between them and the Dallas County property on the east.  Some existing mature trees will be preserved around the perimeter.

  • Parking garage will face LBJ.  The project will have 1.7 parking spaces per unit.  The norm is 1.5 spaces.  City code would require 607 spaces.  They will provide 694 spaces.  Traffic will enter and exit on Hillcrest Plaza Drive.


Our association has not taken a position on the proposal at this time.  However, we would have two signicant concerns about any apartments on the LBJ service road between Hillcrest and Preston:


  1. Apartments must not lead to significant traffic cutting through our Citadel neighborhood.

  2. The heights must stay below the city’s Residential Proximity Slope, which limits heights adjacent to single family homes.  One foot of height is allowed for every 3 feet of distance from a single-family property line. 


This proposal (1) would not funnel traffic into our neighborhood, and (2) the buildings would be below the Residential Proximity Slope (measured from The Downs).  The buildings would be 370 feet from The Downs because Hillcrest Plaza Drive is in between.

Changing the zoning requires two public hearings at City Hall -- one before the City Plan Commision (the zoning board), and a second hearing at City Council.  No hearings have been scheduled yet.  This page will be updated as more information becomes available. 


Updated 7/19/2021