Apartment Zoning Request:
LBJ service road, west of Hillcrest Road

  • A developer is proposing apartments next to the former Brinker headquarters (now a Dallas County building).  Their rezoning application will be heard at the City Plan Commission on December 2, 2021.

  • The existing 2-story offices are 40 years old and are currently vacant.

  • The proposal:

    • 110 feet in height with a 7 or 8-story parking garage.​

    • 57 apartments per acre on this 7.5 acre site.

    • 420 apartments total.


Our association is opposed to ANY apartments on the LBJ service road between Hillcrest and Preston, because the first apartment approval will inevitably lead to more apartment requests.  Click here to see our letter to the City Plan Commission (the zoning board) and our City Council member, Jaynie Schultz:

Manor Hillcrest Map.png

Updated 11/28/2021