Apartment Zoning Request:
LBJ service road, west of Hillcrest Road

  • A developer, Related Group, has asked for high-density apartment zoning next to the former Brinker headquarters (now a Dallas County facility).  Today, three 2-story office buildings occupy the site.

  • The proposal:

    • 110 feet in height with a 7-story parking garage.​

    • 57 apartments per acre on the 7.5 acre site.

    • 420 apartments total.

  • Their rezoning application was denied by the City Plan Commission on December 2, 2021.  

  • However, this is not over.  There is an apartment-building boom in Dallas, and the older 2-story offices on the south LBJ service road are sought as sites for apartments, 5 stories and taller.  Our City Council member, Jaynie Schultz, has initiated a study in which apartment builders and their lobbyists will meet with us to determine what kind of zoning our neighborhood is willing to accept.  Related Group's representative said in a letter that they "look forward to returning" with a renewed zoning request.


Our association sent a letter to our City Council member, Jaynie Schultz, stating that we are opposed to high-density apartments on the LBJ service road between Hillcrest and Preston.

Updated 2/25/2022