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Hillcrest Forest:

Encompasses over 1,700 homes - one of the largest associations in Dallas.​  Our goals:​

  • Protect neighborhood interests on zoning and land use issues.

  • Preserve Quality of Life.

  • Oversee and support neighborhood Security Patrols.

  • Keep neighbors informed through emails and semi-annual mailed newsletters.

  • Maintain a web site for updates on neighborhood news & activities.

  • Support our neighborhood public schools.

  • Sponsor an annual 4th of July Parade.

  • Look for opportunities to enhance the beauty of our area.

  • Maintain a database of homeowners; distribute a Directory to paid members.

Our association is a member of the North Dallas Neighborhood Alliance.

HFNA Map2.jpg

There are smaller subdivisions under our umbrella who have their own homeowner associations.


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