Churchill Way Police Patrol

The Churchill Way Patrol is north of Forest Lane, west of Hillcrest Road, and is managed by our Association.  Funding is provided by Alcuin School on Churchill Way until 2025, as the outcome of a 2015 zoning agreement with our association.  Our thanks to Alcuin for this valuable benefit to the neighborhood.  

If you live in our Hillcrest Forest association area shown on the map below, your membership in will entitle you to receive details and updates about the patrols.  You can join by clicking the JOIN tab above.  The Churchill Way patrols include:

  • 4-hour Dallas Police patrols at random times on weekdays.

  • Police periodically run radar on streets with a high incidence of speeding.

  • Late-night armed security patrols, 5 nights a week by Smith Protective Services in a marked SUV.

  • Members receive Smith’s late night dispatch number.  

If you are not already a Hillcrest Forest member, you can click the JOIN link at the top of this page to pay by Credit Card.

These Police Patrol yard signs are available to Churchill Way ENP patrol members.  They are 9"x9" with an aluminum stake, weather-proof and reflective at night.  The price is $17.50.  If you would like to buy one, click HERE