Join or Renew in Hillcrest Forest and/or the

5 Star Police Patrol !

Membership in the Hillcrest Forest Neighborhood Association is only $15

If you are SOUTH of Forest Lane, EAST of Hillcrest Road, please support the 5 Star ENP Police Patrol 

Your voluntary support helps us to:

  • Support our local security patrols

  • Protect the neighborhood on Zoning and land use issues

  • Sponsor an annual 4th of July Parade

  • Sponsor social events on our section of the Northaven Trail

  • Support our neighborhood schools

  • Maintain this web site

  • Distribute a members-only "Good Neighbor" directory


We are a member of the North Dallas Neighborhood Alliance.

If you prefer to NOT be in the

Directory, say so here

Provide your information as you would like it to appear in our Directory, which is sent to Hillcrest Forest members only: