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Our Neighborhood's Private Police Patrols

We have TWO private security patrols within our Hillcrest Forest boundaries.

They are known as "ENPs" (Expanded Neighborhood Patrols)

South of Forest Lane, East of Hillcrest Road:

the 5 Star ENP

The 5 Star ENP is separate from Hillcrest Forest, but we support them.  For the convenience of our members in that area, we use a joint membership enrollment form.  The patrols are resident-funded.  If you live in this area, they need everyone's financial support!

North of Forest Lane, West of Hillcrest Road:

the Churchill Way ENP

This patrol service is managed by our association.  The patrol area includes some streets outside our boundaries.  If you live in this area, you must be a Hillcrest Forest member to receive updates.

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