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We heard you ...

Our membership form has a line at the bottom where members can state any neighborhood “concern”.  Many members have no significant concerns and leave it blank. 

Here is the entire list.


This year, as always, crime & security was the #1 concern of Hillcrest Forest residents.  Here are the Top 5 concerns, with the number of our 710 members who mentioned them:


139  Crime & security

  36  Homeless people & panhandlers *

  16  Speeding on residential streets **

  18  Apartments proposed on LBJ ***

  11  Dogs not on leash; dog poop not picked up


* The issue with the homeless people and panhandlers mainly involves Forest Lane at US 75.  

** 14 streets were mentioned.  All streets have some speeding, but some are worse than others.

*** All of the concerns about apartments came from residents within a few blocks of where they were recently proposed.

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