Pay just $15 for HILLCREST FOREST Neighborhood Association membership.

And if you live south of Forest Lane, east of Hillcrest Road, please also support the



All memberships will be through December 31, 2020

- $175 for a $160 "Basic" Patrol membership - includes $15 Hillcrest Forest membership.

- $215 for a $200 "Basic Plus" patrol - includes $15 Hillcrest Forest membership.

- OR $160 or $200 for a Patrol membership only.

Note:  The 'Basic Plus' Police Patrol membership simply pays for extra patrol hours to keep our neighborhood safe.  Some residents donate even more.  Each additional dollar buys more patrol time by Dallas Police officers.

If you are a member of the 5 Star ENP, or live in the Churchill Way Patrol area, and you want to buy a Police Patrol yard sign for $17.50 (pictured below), return to this page after your dues payment and click here.

Securely pay your membership here: