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The Hillcrest Forest neighborhood rated "Best in the Park Cities & North Dallas Area" by the Dallas Morning News
Encompassing over 1,700 homes in North Dallas

If you drive west on Willow Lane from Hillcrest Road, you will immediately notice a small park outside the wall of Gateway Church.  It has many trees, paved walking paths, and even a large pond.  It is owned by Gateway Church but it is open to the public.

This pocket park was part of the 2004 zoning agreement between the original Hillcrest Church and the surrounding neighbors.  The park has declined over the years, and Hillcrest Forest has approached Gateway Church about making improvements.  Gateway was very supportive, and they are working on plans to upgrade and restore the park.  It is a big-ticket expense and they say that it will be done in phases, starting later this year.

Gateway Church Park

Kramer Elementary expansion

Kramer Plan.png
Our neighborhood public school will soon have a new wing with 12 new class rooms, to open in the fall of 2024.  It will be on the east end of the building (Tunica Drive), where the playground is.  The playground will be relocated to the north side of the building, next to the paved basketball area.  The playground will still be accessible to the neighborhood after hours and on weekends.

A small administrative area will be added near the front door, and the portable buildings in the rear will finally go away!  To see detailed plans, click

Please support our neighborhood with your membership
in our Association.  Just $15.

If you live south of Forest Lane, east of Hillcrest Road, be sure to add a membership for the 

5 Star ENP private patrols.

All memberships are through 12/31/23!

The Apartments proposed on LBJ from Preston to Hillcrest
 Our Association engaged in a 6-month "635 Corridor" study to guide future land uses on the south LBJ service road, from Preston Road to Hillcrest, which is now mostly 2-story offices.  Hillcrest Forest residents strongly opposed apartments there.
The study's final recommendation:  Low-density residential, low-rise offices, light retail, and green space that preserves the residential nature of our elegant community.


Click to see the great photos of our Hillcrest Forest

4th of July Parade!
Vintage cars, kids on bikes, patriotic pets, a Dallas Fire Truck, and

red-white-and-blue everywhere!

Our TWO neighborhood Security Patrols
 South of Forest Lane, East of Hillcrest Road:
 The 5 Star Patrol
A 2/3 reduction in reported crime after it began
North of Forest Lane:
The Churchill Way Patrol
 In both areas, patrols are by uniformed, off-duty Dallas Police officers in Dallas police cars, and by armed, uniformed private security in marked patrol vehicles.
Click the links for more information.

Click for photos of the Tornado that hit here on October 20, 2019


An estimated 20+ homes were destroyed, and dozens more damaged.
Thankfully, no one was injured or killed.

Arthur Kramer Elementary's certification as an elite  International Baccalaureat school appeared in the Dallas Morning NewsThe story

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Updated 5/17/2023

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Bruce Wilke, President



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