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The 2022 LBJ Corridor Study - a Neighborhood Victory

Two developers asked to re-zone and replace offices on the south LBJ service road with apartments -- 5 to 8 stories tall, with 420+ apartments per project.  These proposals met strong neighborhood opposition, including from our association, due to their adjacency to single-family homes.

Rather than see a likely series of ugly zoning battles, our City Council member Jaynie Schultz organized a 635 Corridor Study to create a conceptual plan for the entire area.  Neighborhood leaders were invited to participate on the Steering Committee, with Hillcrest Forest in a key role.  Managing the process were outside consultants

635 Study Boundaries.png

Steering Committee members included Hillcrest Forest president Bruce Wilke, Preston Citadel president Hinke Schroen, Citadel resident and former City Plan Commissioner Carol Scott, and Hillcrest Villas president Tim Carnell.  The consultants conducted individual interviews and held many large public meetings to gather input from the community.


At the end, a consensus emerged which would become the foundation for a conceptual land use plan for the LBJ service road adjoining our neighborhood.

It was an exhaustive 6-month process -- countless meetings, emails, phone calls, flyers, and discussions.  The entire process is documented on the Corridor Study website.  Here is the executive summary.

THE RESULT:  The 635 Corridor Plan, which will be incorporated into the city-wide Forward Dallas plan.

Highlights include:  Low-density residential (no multi-family), low-rise offices and light retail, and trailways and green space that preserve the residential nature of our community.  See the plan linked above for a map, photos, and details.


The Hillcrest Forest Neighborhood Association board would like to thank our many members who joined with us and contributed their time and energy, attending meetings and shaping this very positive outcome. 

We especially appreciate the leadership of our City Council member, Jaynie Schultz, in bringing this to a successful conclusion.  

635 Vision.png


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