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11618 Valleydale Fill Permit Application
Neighborhood Meeting (virtual) - Wednesday, June 12, 4:00-5:00 pm
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map of the location
This is the lot where a derelict house sat for years.  The hose has been removed. The new owner proposes a 2-story home, approximately 5,400 square feet.

Part of Valleydale Drive is in a federally-regulated floodplain.  Existing homes are grandfathered, but any new home must have a first floor elevation that is 3 feet above the 100 year flood level.  These are the approximate elevations of the vacant lot (feet above sea level):

506 - Average elevation of that property today.
509 - 100 year flood level.
512 - Required elevation of the finished floor (slab) of the new home.

Beginning with the typical 506 feet elevation of the property, reaching 512 feet will require about 5 feet of fill plus 1 foot of foundation to reach the floor level.

The fill will form a "pad" under the footprint of the house.  The pad and house will be somewhat elevated above the rest of the lot.

There will also be a detached garage on the east side of the house which will be built at the existing ground level (one foot above it), and a swimming pool in the rear.  The trees in front will be preserved.  

Approval of a flood plain fill permit in Dallas requires mail notification of all property owners within 500 feet of the site, a neighborhood meeting, and a vote by the City Council.  The Council may have somewhat limited latitude for denial if the proposal satisfies the engineering criteria.
Streets in the flood plain (green) and house location (red outline)
3-D graphic of the Fill, which will come from the dark blue area in the back
11618 3D Pad and Cut 2.jpg
Heading 5
Previous structure - now demolished
11618 Previous House.png
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