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A Neighborhood Win - No apartments next to our homes

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There is an apartment-building frenzy in Dallas, and in 2020 & 2022, we were faced with two apartment re-zoning proposals next to us, for 5-to-8 story buildings, 420+ apartments per site, 57 apartments per acre, replacing 2-story "neighborhood offices" on the south LBJ service road.

This generated strong neighborhood opposition due to tall apartment buildings, noise, and traffic near our single-family homes.  Our association vigorously opposed these re-zoning attempts, and we formed an alliance with smaller, nearby associations that were also concerned.  You can see the letters from Hillcrest Forest and these associations to our City Council member, Jaynie Schultz, here.


Consequently, Jaynie organized a 635 Corridor Study to determine what land uses our neighborhood would like in this area.  Hillcrest Forest played a key role.


The study's final report suggested possible minor changes, but "No Apartments".  You can see it here.


Updated 2/2/2023

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