Apartment developers target the LBJ service road


There have recently been two apartment zoning proposals adjacent to us - for up to 57 apartments per acre, 7 stories, 420-430 apartments per site.  Those sites are in red on the map below.


Consequently, our City Council member, Jaynie Schultz, created a task force to determine what our neighborhood envisions for this area and how many apartments, if any, we would accept without opposition.

The Hillcrest Forest Neighborhood Association, the Citadel, and Hillcrest Villas have been invited to participate in the discussions.  A neighborhood meeting for the homes south of the potential apartments is scheduled for March 21.  See details on our front page.

If all of the 2-story offices on the south LBJ service road were replaced with apartments with a density of 57 apartments per acre, the the total number of apartments could exceed 3,000.  See the map below.

Our association previously sent a letter to our City Council member, stating that we opposed the requested apartments on the LBJ service road between Hillcrest and Preston.  

For details on the proposal at Hillcrest Plaza & LBJ (#9 below), click here.

To visit the LBJ Corridor website, click here.


Updated 03/08/2022